When you decide to sell your property, the Estate Agent you choose could make all the difference to the price achieved, the length of time the property is on the market and your commitments subsequent to the sale.

Stratstone Estates add a boutique yet innovative approach to Estate Agency. We are unlike many other High Street Agents, who tend to follow outdated industry practises. Our leadership team have over 40 years’ experience in the market, as such we understand that our clients expect honesty, transparency and reliability at the very least.

We seek to raise the bar, with a vision of becoming the UK’s most loved Estate Agent. As such, every vendor is as important as any other and we aim to surpass their expectations every time.


Before bringing any property to market, Stratstone must value the property to understand its perceived market value. We operate with integrity and whilst some Agents may overvalue properties to gain instructions, we’d rather be honest and ensure the property is sold in a timely manner. Through our extensive market knowledge accompanied with industry leading technology, our valuation process is accurate yet efficient.


No matter how much the marketing budget may be for a property, if the photographs of the property are inferior, there will be less traction for enquiries. Whilst some instructions may not require full professional photoshoots, the Stratstone team are trained in how to take effective photographs, capturing the aesthetics and characteristics of each property! Having said, we work alongside Professional Photographers, Videographers and Drone Operators throughout the UK where they are required.

Online Platforms

Along with 60% of the industry, we use online platforms such as Rightmove, who have up to 40 million-page views per day! However, where we differ is that most Agents refuse to pay additional fees for sponsored advertisements. At Stratstone, we pay for sponsored advertisements whilst retaining our price for vendors, thus increasing the properties exposure whilst also displaying our commitment to the deal.

Social Media

We are prominent on Social Media, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+, also utilising sponsored advertisements on each to increase exposure. Using algorithms implemented by the world’s largest technology companies, connecting the properties to potential buyers.


Whilst we understand Social Media’s ability for marketing exposure, we do also produce brochures for each property. Using our superior photography and in-house graphic design capability, we also invest in good quality paper and printing, producing a well-designed, well presented brochure.

If you are a potential Vendor, seeking to sell your property and want to partner with an Agent that has an exceptional emphasis on quality of service, superior marketing strategies and a fantastic team, look no further!